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Conscious Love Full Moon Retreat Ancestral Remedies + Tantra

22 julio 2021 | 16:00

gente-festival-EDMred Conscious Love Full Moon Retreat Ancestral Remedies + Tantra

An encounter of powerful cosmic energies to thrive in heart-opening dynamics and awakening comprehensions. Co+create and integrate in your daily life moments of gratitude, confidence, strong, connected, joyful bonding with your couple.

Flying Tickets <100€ from main European Airports ∞ CONTACT US FOR PARTICIPATION REQUEST ∞
10% off for being part of the IN∞ Collective

∞ Activate the technology of your multi-dimensional being by connecting with the core of your quantum energetic field.

∞ Increase your passion for life and sense of your true value, resulting in an innate capacity to live in joy, ease and dignity.

∞ Cleanse and synchronize your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual flows to allow a maximum performance of your organism capacities.

∞ Acknowledge your true essential talents, energetic design, and soul’s mission.

∞ Identify and transcend self-limiting identifications and informations by DNA activation.

∞ Open up your love experiences by improving sexual satisfaction. Sex becomes a potentially healing force when possible believes or limitations are cleared.

∞ Remember the love keys in privacy. This essential aspect enables a couple to discover this new language through direct experience.

∞ Open up spaces for positive bonding dynamics with your partner based on dignity, understanding, trust, and mutual support.

∞ Integrate your inner mastery and self-trust in your daily routines to experience a deeper connection with the others and your environment.

∞ Be part of the co-creation and assembling conscious love bonds in the present based on the expansion of consciousness and spiritual awakening in humanity.· Additional possibility to receive microdosing of entheogens and supplements of adaptogens.

· A one-to-one call (pre-process)

· 4-Days of immersion in Conscious Love workshops with highly qualified therapists, including both individual and group therapy.

· Stimulating wellbeing dynamics focused on: communication, intimacy, nourishment, openness, patterns, potential, sexuality, spirituality,…

· Profound introspective work of self-awareness with conscious use of ancestral remedies. Ayahusca, Yopo, San Pedro, Bufo Alvarius, Kambo. *They are organic, wild-crafted, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free.

· Permanent support and accompaniment of professional team members in group and private when needed.

· Preparations and post-sessions integrations.

· Activities based on circadian rhythm.

· Yoga, meditations and breathing techniques with @ikayayoga

· Biodescodification, Quantum Energy Healing.

· Human Design Profile individual + couples and 1h Consultation with translation.

· Art expression and sound massage.

· Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

· Self-Sensing Lion’s Gate Celebration

· Live music and DJ, entheogenic dance.

· Accommodation in private rooms for each couple.

· Nourishing and detoxifying vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

· Holistic wellbeing activities like massages, aqua-hara, aromatherapy,…

· Free time activity to share with others, or enjoyable moments of silence and peace.

· Direct contact with nature, excursions and outdoor activities.

· Forums about the use and benefits of ancestral plants and the teachings of various spiritual traditions in the evolution of humanity.

· Additional possibility to receive ear seeding, microdosing of entheogens and supplements of adaptogens.

· Transfers from and to the airport included.

· English + personal translators for all languages.

10% off for being part of the IN∞ Collective

10% will be redirected to Reforestation Projects in South America and Africa


22 julio
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